Go vegan – your selfless deed for the day

As I’m reading this article on the NYTimes: U.N. Appeals for $5 Billion in Aid for Syria
I find myself with the urge to share it from the vegan point of view.

The situation in Syria is critical (not only there, but in several regions) and thankfully there are people at every point of the issue. Doctors Without Borders (I hope to be part of the group one-day,) are providing assistance and food; as well as people at the UN speaking for them, etc etc.. but we can help too.

When you choose not to eat meat, you are also choosing not to eat tons of grains the animals are usually fed, not using fuel and other resourses to transport the meat, not drinking water used for its production. But instead you are supporting distribution of grains and food to people, use of money, fuel and other resources to help people in need.

I’m not saying that going vegan is the solution to the problems worldwide, but is a step we could all take towards a better world. As people say, the sea would not be the same without the drop you could provide.


4 thoughts on “Go vegan – your selfless deed for the day

  1. I am a vegetarian by choice… But I havent had the discipline to go vegan as I find it really hard to go without milk and cheese! But I totally support the cause. People don’t have to give up meat altogether but they could reduce consumption :))

    • Exactly! Even small changes make a huge difference! For me. Cheese and pastry are the though ones, but I’m trying different recipes as alternatives, let’s see what works haha

  2. Love the idea of vegan.. but.. i do like my meat.. After watching a couple of documentaries on what the animals are actually put through and where this food actually comes from, I’ve gotta say it effected me! I’ll admit I’m still a meat eater, but I’ve actually cut back heaps on dairy, I pretty much don’t eat cheese anymore at all, i only have natural organic yoghurt and don’t drink milk. I now look out for the veggie option when i’m out at restaruants (as well as gluten free). So while i’m definitely far from vegan (not even vegetarian!) i’m taking small steps to limit my intake. It’s generally a lot healthier too! It’s a work in progress, but I might just get there!!

    • Glad to hear that!! 😀 small steps are the ones who stick! It’s a decision that takes can take its time, it clicks at certain time in someone’s life and from then on changes start to happen! 🙂 you are making a difference! 🙂

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