Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.


For this post I “asked” for inspiration to the WP inspiration box and look what I got! 🙂 When I think of a particular song, my mind actually goes blank. not because I don’t have a favorite song, but because I have plenty and this reminds me of the times when I used to search like crazy the internet for new music, artists, songs that spoke to me. I guess everyone gets to do that at some point. And eve though my likes in music are somewhat different from then, I still feel great when I remember those times.

From the music I started listen to back then and still gets me going are some of the  80’s bands. My favorites are the ones with a power female singer. My favorite compilation includes Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Vixen and Lita Ford. Later on I found myself listening 24/7 music from Lacuna Coil, Xandria and Leave’s Eye. Those great bands are still among my all time favorites!

Now I still listen to them, but I have expanded my playlist much more. I now enjoy listening to music all the way from arabic and bollywood, to my classics.

Anyway, that’s a little story when it comes to music.  Anyone feels like share yours?



Go vegan – your selfless deed for the day

As I’m reading this article on the NYTimes: U.N. Appeals for $5 Billion in Aid for Syria
I find myself with the urge to share it from the vegan point of view.

The situation in Syria is critical (not only there, but in several regions) and thankfully there are people at every point of the issue. Doctors Without Borders (I hope to be part of the group one-day,) are providing assistance and food; as well as people at the UN speaking for them, etc etc.. but we can help too.

When you choose not to eat meat, you are also choosing not to eat tons of grains the animals are usually fed, not using fuel and other resourses to transport the meat, not drinking water used for its production. But instead you are supporting distribution of grains and food to people, use of money, fuel and other resources to help people in need.

I’m not saying that going vegan is the solution to the problems worldwide, but is a step we could all take towards a better world. As people say, the sea would not be the same without the drop you could provide.



What About Every Day Care Products?

I’ve been asked many times this question. The thing about the choices on everyday products falls into 2 questions… Has it been tested on animal? Dos it have animal products?

From this on, it can get to a deeper level, such as… Are the suppliers vegan? Is it owned by a non vegan company? And so on, up to… Have the ingredients ever been animal tested? Which would be a little unrealistic given the fact that animal testing has been used for so many many years; which on the bright side, give us nowadays the possibility to have different products without the necessity to test on animals.


My ideal however would be to use only what nature has brought to us, as raw as possible. I’ve tried combinations for creams and treatments that work just fine!! And I will share those later on of course, for now I will stick to some of the products I buy and use.



My ultimate favorite is LUSH cosmetics. I was introduced to this brand when I told my friend that I wouldn’t buy this one cream she was recommending because it was not cruelty free. It was then when she told me I would love Lush, which is all about cruelty free and vegan as can be.

Not only their products are totally what they promised, they smell awesome too! I like that whenever I go there the girls are super friendly and respond any question you have, they show you how to use the treatments and get lots of free samples too which is never a bad thing! 🙂 they have a website that is totally worth visiting because sometimes you can find deals on certain products that are cheaper than in the store.

I have tried some other brands which also work awesome…

urban decay

I usually don’t wear makeup that much, but I came across to Naked by Urban Decay and I like it so much! This one is cruelty free I got it at Sephora but if you ever get to go there ask but also check the packing because I noticed that some of the girls offer organic products assuming they are the same as cruelty free, so make sure to double check that 🙂 overall I really like Urban Decay but I’m definitely buying it somewhere else but Sephora, the associates there can be mean.


Another option is Wet n Wild, however I’m not sure if the whole company is cruelty free because not all of their packages state so…

This eyeliner is the one I have tried that stays on and is easy to remove.


Origins is another awesome brand I got to try. You can see that I got I little carried away with it hahah…


Most of their products are vegan but also ask the associates who are very helpful because not all of their catalog is vegan. Another plus with them is that you can actually get free facials and get free samples for you to try at home.


When it comes to toothpaste, wash Nd deodorant Toms is the one I like, a big plus with this. Company is that the employees give a percentage of their time to good causes. Alba has good cruelty deodorants too, its just a matter of try different brands and scents because sometimes certain scent can work for you and some other don’t even if is from the same brand.




Anyway, these are just some of the options I’ve tried, give some thought on it and if you haven’t tried them get one at he time until you find the one 🙂


There will be more to come, until then I hope to read what everyone think about them or any other you might use!!


Gabbi 🙂


The Time When I Got My First Tattoo

james sooper

This was the day when I got my first tattoo.. October 30th is my birthday and this year I decided that I wanted to do something new or special everyday of the month. A tattoo was one of the biggest ideas I had.

Got hands on and contacted James Spooner who is THE vegan tattoo artist. We arranged an appointment, the creative process began and the day came!! The idea of getting owls is personal but I also wanted to have two of them.

owl tattoowl tattoThe idea of having one standing, the other one flying and on each side of my head comes from the changes life threw at me from one second to the next. I had life changing situations where at one point I had important people in my life, plans, etc and the next completely different scenario. Having the idea in mind had been on my mind ever since that time, so having my month birthday I couldn’t let it pass.. I finally went to west Hollywood to get it done. James was the coolest guy ever and it was over too soon.

spooner tattoos

I enjoyed so much the whole day. From getting there, crossing half county, getting it done, talking to James.. anyway totally worth it!!


“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.”

Gretchen Wyler

Wise words from Gretchen Wyler. I read this quote a couple of days ago and I decided to share it because that is what people should hear and really understand when they refuse to know what their food contains and the origen and the trajectory it had to go thru before it is on the plate. 

Gretchen Wyler was an American actress with a true passion for animal protection as she founded the Genesis Awards for their protection. A person worth to be admired for giving voice to those who not everyone hear. My respect to her memory and footprint.

– Image taken from The Human Society of United States. 



“Teach, preach and edify. Education is the most effective form of activism. I work solo nowadays and live by the adage that if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself. You should live by it too. Don’t wait for others to assist, do it yourself. Forget about meetings, discussions, AR events, conferences, etc. All those ideas running thru your head, put them into action”

Gary Yourofsky

This is a quote I’m taking from an e-mail response about a year ago; after watching the entire video of Gary Yourofsky  about veganism and animal rights, I decided to write to him and this is an extract of what I received from him, I decided to share it with you all because I admire him and his actions and I believe this fragment of his thinking is totally true.

I leave here a link to it in case you haven’t seen it.


Vegan meal

Vegan meal

This is one of my out-of-the-blue recepies I came up with the other day! 🙂 I just wanted to post the pic to show how yummi and healthy a meal can look.

This is something I made with two balls of falafel placed on top of a greek salad and accompained with some asparagus baked with a lil pepper, garlic and vegan butter mmm!! 🙂

This is a quick and balanced option for a complete meal!

Enjoy!! 🙂


Welcome!! :)

In this blog you will find information about a conscious way of life; let me explain.

This blog is a way to pass on knowledge I have found really helpful in my life about vegan lifestyle, animal consciousness, environmental issues, among others. I have had this idea for quite a while now, but it’s coming to life now because I’ve been inspired by my cousin, here’s why… 

I moved from a foreign country a while ago, and living a vegan lifestyle (the only one in my family), I came in this new world and let everybody know the choices I take when it comes to eating (which was one of the first things that came up being just arriving with them), most of them were surprised on how I manage to do it and actually really interested in eating healthier; anyway, it hadn’t really came to life 100% that wiliness to do so, until just two days ago my cousin said that he saw a video about reasons to become vegetarian and he ended up feeling guilty to eat animals, he wanted to get informed and for me that’s one of the top reasons to do this, because there are lots of resources online, but is important to get objectively informed, definitely that’s one excellent initiative. 

Anyway, I’ll get deeper on the matters as I go on writing on further entries. 



child obesity –

Hello to all of you readers out there!!  🙂

Today I wanna talk to you about some facts I’ve seen lately at the consultation, that’s child obesity; yeah, this world’s pandemia that has been growing bigger in front of our eyes…

This week I had many cases related to this, and though it is well known that every case is different (and they were indeed) I also saw a lot of patterns as well in children as with their parents, all of which is in our attitudes to change; if you are a parent of a child with obesity, please,  pretty please it is very important not to address this issue with your kid as an actual “weight problem” I know it sounds pretty crazy to be saying this, but to see moms saying to me that they’ve come because their kid “needs to loose all this extra weight”, “it’s fat”, pointing out their “cute baby fat”, etc, etc, etc… it’s really disturbing, and mostly because many of these moms actually have really bad eating habits their selves, so their passing negative  images, making them think and accept the idea that they are ‘fat’ and actually making them act the part, emotionally I mean, this creates a very bad, low concept of their selves, I hope I’m making myself clear, because I don’t want you to believe that we have to disguise the issue,  but to address it in a different manner instead; to do it in means of teaching your kid healthy food habits and a healthy life style for that matter.

So, when your kid is gaining some  extra weight, promote physical activities, going outdoors but mostly listen to your kid, because this kind of attitudes sometimes is a matter of attention… your kid needs to know that they are not the problem and they are important to you, as well as to make them see that, this new found activities are in means to spend more time together, not to change any of you.

Let me know what do you think? what’s been your experience?? It is all very important!

Thank you all

Talk to you soon!!

Miss Gabbi M