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This is the story of a man who found conviction and changed his life for good.

What’s the Furry Fuss?.

I’m re-blogging this guest post from Celeste, who is a California writer exploring the gifts of a vegan lifestyle. David Simon wrote this post for her site to share the experience that got him into a new course in life and now he’s about to share with us all in his book Meatonomics. I invite you to read it and take what you feel connects with you.



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What About Every Day Care Products?

I’ve been asked many times this question. The thing about the choices on everyday products falls into 2 questions… Has it been tested on animal? Dos it have animal products?

From this on, it can get to a deeper level, such as… Are the suppliers vegan? Is it owned by a non vegan company? And so on, up to… Have the ingredients ever been animal tested? Which would be a little unrealistic given the fact that animal testing has been used for so many many years; which on the bright side, give us nowadays the possibility to have different products without the necessity to test on animals.


My ideal however would be to use only what nature has brought to us, as raw as possible. I’ve tried combinations for creams and treatments that work just fine!! And I will share those later on of course, for now I will stick to some of the products I buy and use.



My ultimate favorite is LUSH cosmetics. I was introduced to this brand when I told my friend that I wouldn’t buy this one cream she was recommending because it was not cruelty free. It was then when she told me I would love Lush, which is all about cruelty free and vegan as can be.

Not only their products are totally what they promised, they smell awesome too! I like that whenever I go there the girls are super friendly and respond any question you have, they show you how to use the treatments and get lots of free samples too which is never a bad thing! 🙂 they have a website that is totally worth visiting because sometimes you can find deals on certain products that are cheaper than in the store.

I have tried some other brands which also work awesome…

urban decay

I usually don’t wear makeup that much, but I came across to Naked by Urban Decay and I like it so much! This one is cruelty free I got it at Sephora but if you ever get to go there ask but also check the packing because I noticed that some of the girls offer organic products assuming they are the same as cruelty free, so make sure to double check that 🙂 overall I really like Urban Decay but I’m definitely buying it somewhere else but Sephora, the associates there can be mean.


Another option is Wet n Wild, however I’m not sure if the whole company is cruelty free because not all of their packages state so…

This eyeliner is the one I have tried that stays on and is easy to remove.


Origins is another awesome brand I got to try. You can see that I got I little carried away with it hahah…


Most of their products are vegan but also ask the associates who are very helpful because not all of their catalog is vegan. Another plus with them is that you can actually get free facials and get free samples for you to try at home.


When it comes to toothpaste, wash Nd deodorant Toms is the one I like, a big plus with this. Company is that the employees give a percentage of their time to good causes. Alba has good cruelty deodorants too, its just a matter of try different brands and scents because sometimes certain scent can work for you and some other don’t even if is from the same brand.




Anyway, these are just some of the options I’ve tried, give some thought on it and if you haven’t tried them get one at he time until you find the one 🙂


There will be more to come, until then I hope to read what everyone think about them or any other you might use!!


Gabbi 🙂