Giveaway Winner! ~ Yes, It Is Me!




I am feeling grateful today!

A few days ago Jess at Defining Wonderland, posted how happy she was for being Freshly Pressed. In order to share the happiness, she decided to make a giveaway.

I decided to enter and what I did not expect happened!

I won!

Today I received the prize package in the mail. Here are some pictures to share with you how happy this made me. And actually this is the first time I win something in a giveaway, so this made it extra special!


She made it super customized with little details that I almost did not wanted to open it so I wouldn’t ripe it.


The gift was so pretty! It came with a super fun multi-color pencil which immediately got me writing and doodling around!

imageI totally loved every detail in that package!! —as you probably can tell by all the pictures.

imageThis made me feel super grateful not only for the prize bag—which I am totally happy for! But also for people with good hearts. People who take a step further and go beyond their reach and then the magic happens.

I feel grateful for the reminder of this simple fact that we often forget dancing around the every day life.

This has also inspired me to keep the ball of sharing the happiness rolling and put some more of myself to the world in those however small good deeds that we all encounter each day.

I am sure that everyone has something to share within themselves. So let’s the magic begin and keep sharing!