Making your kids’ meal complete!

Hello all of you readers out there!!

I’ve been quite away from our blog because there was this really interesting pediatrics congress I went to! I’ll tell you all about it in the next posts, I just wanted to finish this other advise on kids nutrition before moving on..

This time I’ll talk to you about how to make every meal count! and how is that?? well, real simple in fact, just follow the THREE WAY RULE when it comes to serve the plate and you’ll be all set…  this is how it works…

Three food groups 



 When you serve your kids’ meal take in notice that you put 3 diferent food groups in their plate, it can be in smaller amounts than what you might be used to, but if your kid is a poor eater, it is preferable that what they eat comes from different food groups than a bit more but only from one.  This is because we’re trying to make healthy food habits based on a correct diet, which one of the main issues of it comes with the  “equilibrium” within the macronutrients along the day and with every meal time.  so, next time you make lentils soup, add some tomatoe, coriander and avocado to it, aside with some fruit wedges for dessert.

three color plate


 This one is about making your kids’ general diet full of  “Variety“. When you make this rule happen, you’re providing of all these defferent micronutrients requiered to meet the daily dose for your kids’  addecuate growth and development, besides it adds this extra eye candy push you might need to encourage your kid to finish their meal.


Try to make this past rules 3 times a day  at the same hour every day, this will help you even to naturaly  stimulate your kids’ appetite, because your molding healthy food habits by stablishing meal times. Remember that in your kids’ day there must be 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Take home notes:

* It does not have to be gourmet when it comes to food group variety; if you have no time to make baked vegetables, meat and rice soup, just add 3 raw baby carrots, orange wedges to the side to the main dish you prepared and that’s it.

* Imagination is the key

*If you would like some more insides on different food preparation and combinations let me know.

*It does not matter if you cannot buy every type of vegetable or fruit every time you go grocery shopping, as long as you try to one time buy carrots and the next one  buy spinach, then your making this happen!

*When you prepare any of the main food meals time, take into account that within all these tips, it will help that you include some protein source to the preparation.