Getting your kid to eat better, not so difficult!

Hello everyone out there!!

This week I want to tell you about one of the main topics in consultation, wich was… “poor appetite”, such a common thing in toddlers, but that doesn’t mean that we have to let them starve and loose weight, height, etc.

Actually when I finish all the evaluation process I realized that most of the moms had the same kind of problem, incorrect feeding habits, no schedule at all when it comes to eating, chase the kid all around the house all so he can eat 1 tea spoon of soup or whatever! and so on and so on, 😛 does it ring any bell?

Well, although  there’s some artificial appetite stimulator, I prefer first to drain out all the natural possibilities to do so, and that is what I’m writing about today! 🙂 

Usually, if your kid does not want to eat and you’re following him throughout the house and he ends up aeting just some spoons of food and this goes on all day because you think that ‘something is better than nothing when it comes to eating’, well I don’t think so. Here’s why, imagine you’re thristy but you don’t take a complete glass of water, you only get some drops all day long, then you won’t feel thristy, but you won’t be satisfying the need for water that your cells are asking for either, the same happends with your kids’ meal, they won’t feel hungry anymore, but they won’t be getting all the nutrients they need to appropiate growth and development. If that’s the case, I recomend something less stressfull for you and more useful for your kiddo… stablish eating mealtimes, this will be a lot more effective, and will help you in more than one way.

By stablishing mealtimes, you help your kids’ body to be more active when he needs to, to sleep better and actually rest besides beeing all over the place, he’ll end up eating everything you put in his plate because is the natural reaction of the body when we manage to have that habit in  house. 

It might not be just that simple the first day, but if you do it everyday, by day 4-7 you’ll have your kid sitting at the table at breakfast, luch and dinner all by himself, it is a matter of patience and perseverance  and after all, it is about getting healthy habits to your child, so if he doesn’t want to eat please do not follow him all around, wait and offer your meal at the same time, but be sure to start the new strategy first thing a day, so it’d be easier.

Always remember not to force him into any food, because they are great memorizers, and they’ll associate the ‘ugly-food’ to angry-mom, scolded-kid, etc., and it’ll make it harder for him to accept he has to eat it. It’ll be better to introduce the difficult food with something he already likes and enjoys, also you can try by making a cream out of this particular food and serve it as a garrison, not as the main dish.

Make the mealtime a family time, either you have a big or small family, it always help your kid  to see other people eating toguether, chatting, avoid TV, or any other distractions; eat in front of him food that is difficult for him to accept, it’ll make him curious and end up trying it as well.

Limit excessive liquids right before meal time, it’ll make him feel satisfied and will make more difficult for him to finish his hole meal.

These are some examples of how to make eating easier for both of you, but as always please let me know if this has been of any help, whether you have already tried it or not, does this fit your living environment? would you like some other strategies?

Thank you all for reading and commenting,

Talk to you soon

Miss Gaby M