The nutritionist job

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Just writing quickly to share with you all an uneasiness I can’t get over with..

I’ve been attending to this national pediatric congress and I heard something I wasn’t really expecting from a speaker doctor who was about to begin his lecture when he said that when a kid suffering from obesity comes in a Pediatricians’ consultory, there’s no point in reffering them with the nutritionist, because all we CAN do and WILL do is sending them home with an hypocaloric diet!! and that my friends really shocked me; mostly because in pediatric clinical nutrition, this is a big important issue that we as nutritionist face when we go to reality jobs; but I’m saying this just to clear some things up (as I wasn’t able to talk to this doctor because allegedly he had a plane to catch) and to send this message to whoever this might get to.

Nutritionist aren’t just a bag of diets walking aroud nor for adult people never the less for the pediatric patient.

I evaluate the whole environment of the person who has taken time of their important day to come see me, time which everyone should respect. after an detailed interview wich includes besides their availability of getting certain food types, weight history, food habits history and nowadays, activities throughout the day, anthropometry, biochemical evaluation when necesary, among many many others; I come to a diagnosis then an action plan evaluating different posibilities whith the patient and their family or whoever gets involved in the process, continuous monitoring and reevaluations as well as nutrition education.

So, when it comes to a child suffering from obesity, the treatment in any matter is based on a diet low in calories (much less in this population group, as they are in a full growth and development fase), it is adjusting certain habits from the previous evaluation, in case a activity plan is requiered it comes with an eating and drinking plan as well, taking into account what the kid is going to do and to metabolize and in which intervals in this activity plan.

I’m sure not everybody thinks as this speaker doctor, but the problem for me was THAT itself, that I was hearing those words from a speaker doctor getting his message to a few hundreds of people, so I thought it was important to get it out of my chest if not directly to him, with you all, so you don’t get the wrong impression when it comes to the job us nutritionist do.

Keep getting all of your questions answered from the right people and keep trusting in pediatric nutritionists.

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