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This is the story of a man who found conviction and changed his life for good.

What’s the Furry Fuss?.

I’m re-blogging this guest post from Celeste, who is a California writer exploring the gifts of a vegan lifestyle. David Simon wrote this post for her site to share the experience that got him into a new course in life and now he’s about to share with us all in his book Meatonomics. I invite you to read it and take what you feel connects with you.



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Go vegan – your selfless deed for the day

As I’m reading this article on the NYTimes: U.N. Appeals for $5 Billion in Aid for Syria
I find myself with the urge to share it from the vegan point of view.

The situation in Syria is critical (not only there, but in several regions) and thankfully there are people at every point of the issue. Doctors Without Borders (I hope to be part of the group one-day,) are providing assistance and food; as well as people at the UN speaking for them, etc etc.. but we can help too.

When you choose not to eat meat, you are also choosing not to eat tons of grains the animals are usually fed, not using fuel and other resourses to transport the meat, not drinking water used for its production. But instead you are supporting distribution of grains and food to people, use of money, fuel and other resources to help people in need.

I’m not saying that going vegan is the solution to the problems worldwide, but is a step we could all take towards a better world. As people say, the sea would not be the same without the drop you could provide.