“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.”

Gretchen Wyler

Wise words from Gretchen Wyler. I read this quote a couple of days ago and I decided to share it because that is what people should hear and really understand when they refuse to know what their food contains and the origen and the trajectory it had to go thru before it is on the plate. 

Gretchen Wyler was an American actress with a true passion for animal protection as she founded the Genesis Awards for their protection. A person worth to be admired for giving voice to those who not everyone hear. My respect to her memory and footprint.

– Image taken from The Human Society of United States. 



“Teach, preach and edify. Education is the most effective form of activism. I work solo nowadays and live by the adage that if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself. You should live by it too. Don’t wait for others to assist, do it yourself. Forget about meetings, discussions, AR events, conferences, etc. All those ideas running thru your head, put them into action”

Gary Yourofsky

This is a quote I’m taking from an e-mail response about a year ago; after watching the entire video of Gary Yourofsky  about veganism and animal rights, I decided to write to him and this is an extract of what I received from him, I decided to share it with you all because I admire him and his actions and I believe this fragment of his thinking is totally true.

I leave here a link to it in case you haven’t seen it.