child obesity –

Hello to all of you readers out there!!  🙂

Today I wanna talk to you about some facts I’ve seen lately at the consultation, that’s child obesity; yeah, this world’s pandemia that has been growing bigger in front of our eyes…

This week I had many cases related to this, and though it is well known that every case is different (and they were indeed) I also saw a lot of patterns as well in children as with their parents, all of which is in our attitudes to change; if you are a parent of a child with obesity, please,  pretty please it is very important not to address this issue with your kid as an actual “weight problem” I know it sounds pretty crazy to be saying this, but to see moms saying to me that they’ve come because their kid “needs to loose all this extra weight”, “it’s fat”, pointing out their “cute baby fat”, etc, etc, etc… it’s really disturbing, and mostly because many of these moms actually have really bad eating habits their selves, so their passing negative  images, making them think and accept the idea that they are ‘fat’ and actually making them act the part, emotionally I mean, this creates a very bad, low concept of their selves, I hope I’m making myself clear, because I don’t want you to believe that we have to disguise the issue,  but to address it in a different manner instead; to do it in means of teaching your kid healthy food habits and a healthy life style for that matter.

So, when your kid is gaining some  extra weight, promote physical activities, going outdoors but mostly listen to your kid, because this kind of attitudes sometimes is a matter of attention… your kid needs to know that they are not the problem and they are important to you, as well as to make them see that, this new found activities are in means to spend more time together, not to change any of you.

Let me know what do you think? what’s been your experience?? It is all very important!

Thank you all

Talk to you soon!!

Miss Gabbi M

2 thoughts on “child obesity –

  1. Me and my husband talk about this topic all the time. We don’t just discuss childhood obesity but also adult obesity as well. Our opinion is that there is too much technology and everything is instantaneous. The mentality is we as a public should be able to take a pill and make the problem go away. What happened to eating non-processed foods and more exercise? It takes shows like the Biggest Loser to wave $250,000 in front of someone for them to become motivated to lose the weight. It is a sad day when we lose our integrity.

    • I know it is very sad to think that obese adults are passing over these unhealthy life styles onto the next generations, and the thing about the pill is so true, nowadays there are a lot of bad media making people believe that they can actually change this as easily as taking a pill, without any second thoughs in our bodies equilibrium and sanity. The thing about fast and instant food is a major issue as well, we could produce our own food helping as much our selves as this beatiful world we live in. What we need to do is take concience of what people do to their selves, others around them and the repercusions it has in the nature; stay motivated and take one step at a time in the right direction; it benefits people around us and our selves.

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