Welcome!! :)

In this blog you will find information about a conscious way of life; let me explain.

This blog is a way to pass on knowledge I have found really helpful in my life about vegan lifestyle, animal consciousness, environmental issues, among others. I have had this idea for quite a while now, but it’s coming to life now because I’ve been inspired by my cousin, here’s why… 

I moved from a foreign country a while ago, and living a vegan lifestyle (the only one in my family), I came in this new world and let everybody know the choices I take when it comes to eating (which was one of the first things that came up being just arriving with them), most of them were surprised on how I manage to do it and actually really interested in eating healthier; anyway, it hadn’t really came to life 100% that wiliness to do so, until just two days ago my cousin said that he saw a video about reasons to become vegetarian and he ended up feeling guilty to eat animals, he wanted to get informed and for me that’s one of the top reasons to do this, because there are lots of resources online, but is important to get objectively informed, definitely that’s one excellent initiative. 

Anyway, I’ll get deeper on the matters as I go on writing on further entries.